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Electrician with MBV certificate

2750 EUR gross/month
Type of employment employment agency
Working hours full time
Employment types work contract
Job types permanent employment
Date posted 04-06-2021
End date 05-07-2021

We provide

accommodation free of charge

We require

cv document required
experience over the period 2
Foreign language English
driving licence B

Offer description

Electrician in residential construction

Vocational education
Location: Leeuwarden area
Working time: 40 hours a week
Salary: Up to € 2750 gross monthly (based on experience)

What would you do?
As an electrician in residential construction, you will be involved in many stages of home construction, from the skeleton phase to the construction of a new building and finishing works. Work as an electrician in residential construction is for people focused on quick work, tasks must be completed on time and on time.
If that's what you do best, this offer is a good chance for you!
Familiarization with the assembly of electrical installations and power supply in the construction of landfills, construction of tunnels or structures made of wide panels Construction work and final assembly such as pipelines, housing ends, wire drawing, welding; 16 / 19mm pipes, WCD and meter boxes. Is it something you know? You will be working with high voltage, but it is also possible to operate with low voltage.
We are Aditech. For over 27 years we have been employing technical specialists, such as electricians in residential construction, in leading installation companies, in technical positions. Work on a permanent contract in the AdiTech team or opt for flexible projects. You decide what suits you best.

What you need?
-Experience in working as an electrician in residential construction
- Knowledge of high current and / or high power installations
-Directional education
- SEP G1 E and / or NEN1010, NEN3140 VOP, VP, WV permissions
-MBV certificate (necessary condition)
- Authorization to handle the so-called "increases" - welcome
-Necessary health and safety certificates (VCA / GPI B&U) or readiness to obtain them
-Own car for commuting
- Knowledge of English and / or Dutch at a communicative level (necessary condition)

What will you get from us?
-I work as an electrician in the Netherlands
-Attractive salary, up to € 2750 gross per month (based on experience)
- Salary paid weekly
- Reimbursement of travel costs to work € 0.19 / km
-25 paid days off
-The retirement plan after 26 weeks
- Holiday allowance not included in the payment
-Ability to participate in courses and / or training through Aditech
- Milwaukee's best tools
-Workwear and appropriate personal protective equipment
-A guardian from Aditech who will always help you
- "First steps" in the Netherlands with the help of our business partner 1ToDrive (introductory day, and if needed: BSN number, insurance, accommodation)

About Aditech
Organizing the best workplace for electrical engineering specialists such as electricians in residential construction is what Aditech has been doing in the Netherlands for 27 years. Rolled up sleeves and satisfaction at work are very important to us - it is no coincidence that hundreds of technical and mechanical workers work for us every day. We work with many different companies, from local to large, national organizations.
In the right place - that's what we're talking about Aditech. We do everything to ensure that this is the case, from high-quality tools, to the right workwear, to transportation and training. With our offices all over the Netherlands, your Aditech colleagues are always nearby.

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