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Archival offer
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Roof carpenter

15 - 16 EUR gross/hour
Type of employment employment agency
Working hours full time
Employment types work contract
Job types other
Date posted 30-07-2021
End date 30-08-2021

We provide

transport locally
accommodation free of charge

We require

cv document required
experience over the period 2
Foreign language English

Offer description

Do you have experience as a roof carpenter and are looking for a job in Belgium?

Job description:

▪️ Execution of carpentry works such as: kitchens, built-in cabinets, wooden roofs, wall cladding in wood paneling, garden houses, etc.
▪️ Installation works for roof coverings for flat, sloping roofs, zinc roofs, natural slate, reed, wood, installation of gutters and attic windows, etc.

The ideal candidate:

▪️ Experience of at least 2 years as a carpenter and / or roof carpenter
▪️ Knowledge of English - level A2 (elementary level)
▪️ Trustworthy, responsible and punctual person
▪️ Willingness to work in a team
▪️ Availability of long-term cooperation

What we offer you:

▪️ Employment contract in accordance with Belgian law with benefits such as social security, health insurance, establishment of the right to a pension in Belgium
▪️ Negotiable salary, depending on experience
▪️ Accommodation in a furnished house - single room, unlimited internet, water, gas and electricity included in the price of 72 € / week
▪️ Reimbursement of transport costs to Belgium, in the maximum amount of € 125, payable after four weeks of work
▪️ Year-end bonus - 8.33% of gross annual salary
▪️ Holiday bonus - 15.38% of the gross annual salary
▪️ Allowance for each child - if applicable
▪️ Means of transport offered (depending on the distance from the accommodation)
▪️ Support from our coordinators throughout your stay in Belgium

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