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Signing up and editing the account

How to register?

You need to enter the Employer Sector (the green button in the top right corner), then click "register" and fill in the form. You will receive an e-mail with an activating link on the given e-mail address.

Can I register more than one account for one company?

Yes, it is possible, but not in the Employee Dashboard. You need to contact us on the address: [email protected]. To register yet another account for the same company we will need the base line which are necessary during the registration process and scan of the document confirming the credibility of the will to register another account.

Will my account be active just after registration?

To activate your account you need to click the activating link which is automatically send on your e-mail address after filling in the registration form. However, employer account is verified and may be blocked after providing false data.

How do I change my e-mail address used to log in?

Contact us here: [email protected].

How to change TIN / EU VAT?

Contact us here: [email protected].

Where can I update my company's details?

You need to log in to your Employer Dashboard and a dropdown menu available in the top right corner, choose the option "Edit your profile". You can edit all the data besides NIP/VAT number and e-mail address.

What should I do when trying to log in I receive the information that my account is blocked?

Make sure that you used the activating link. If your account has already been activated and the error still appears, reach us on [email protected]. The account could have been banned by us due to false details provided in the registration form.

How to restore password to my account?

Before you log in, click the "I don't remember my password" button. On the e-mail address given in the registration form you will receive a link which will allow you to change the password.

What is EU VAT number and how to fill it in properly?

This is so called "European NIP". If you are a company from a country form EU (other than Poland) and you own an active EU VAT number, your invoice will no be charged with the VAT tax. The status of EU VAT can be checked on:

Can I register if I don't have EU VAT number?

Yes, the only thing you need to do is do provide us with a registry number of your company, e.g. NIP or its counterpart. Remember, that if you are a foreign company, your invoice will be charged with VAT tax.

Can I choose another e-mail address for receiving e-mail about new application?

No, all the notifications are sent on the e-mail address filled in the registration form.

What are registration documents?

Those documents are to confirm legal activity of the company, e.g. KRS or KRAZ registry. Business profiles which added such documents are featured by us with stars. More information about our Employee Distinction system on Featured employer

How to delete my account?

Contact us here: [email protected].

Adding and editing advertisements

How to post an advertisement?

To add an advertisement, please register and log in to your account. Then click the green "Post your ad" button on the left side of the Panel, fill out the form and publish the advertisement.

Will my advertisement appear on the website just after posting it?

Yes, the advertisement is published immediately after posting it.

How long will my advertisement be active on the website?

The advertisement is broadcast on the website for 30 days. This applies to all types of offers published on the website.

What can I do when I can not add the advertisement?

You need to check thoroughly if every required field was filled in and if the ad doesn't contain any forbidden phrases as: e-mail address, „I'll give you a job", "special offer", "legal work", „I'll hire legally", "super", "the best deal", "job offers", "The best", "Best", "Top", "extra". If you still have problems with adding your advertisement, contact us: [email protected]

Can I edit my advertisement after posting it?

The advertisement after being published is editable only to some extent. According to Article 5, Item 5.4. of the Terms of use for Employers it is possible to make corrections in a published job ad but the corrections concerning name of the position and place of work.

Can I encourage my potential candidates to apply for my advertisement via SMS, website or sending their CVs on an e-mail address?

According to Article 5, Item 5.7. of the Terms of use for Employers it is forbidden to encourage Candidates to apply for the advertisement via SMS, phone, website or posting an e-mail address in the ad. Posting that kind of advertisement will be suspended.

Can I add the same advertisement several times?

According to Article 5, Item 5.8. of the Terms of use for Employers it is forbidden to add the same advertisement several times. Job ads added multiple times will be deleted. If you want your advertisement to be at the top of the list, use the option Renew the ad.

What can not be included in the advertisement?

You can't post e-mail address in your advertisement or encourage Candidates to apply via SMS, phone or website. You can't also use phrases such as: "I'll give you a job", "special offer", "legal work", "I'll hire legally", "super", "the best deal", "job offers", "The best", "Best", "Top", "extra".

How can I delete the advertisement?

To delete your advertisement you need to log in to Employer Dashboard, choose active advertisements and choose a bin icon next to the ad which you want to delete.

How to promote my advertisement?

To promote your advertisement you need to log in to Employer Dashboard, choose an advertisement, which needs to be promoted and click the button Promote with a loudspeaker icon. Then you will be redirected to the website with several options of promotion.

Payments and account top-up

Where and how can I top up my account?

To top up the account, log in to the Employer Panel and select "Top up account" in the menu on the left. Then, after selecting the appropriate top-up amount and completing the payment details, you can choose the type of payment: on-line transfer, pay-pal, proforma invoice. Payments are made in PLN or EUR. In addition, each service can be paid for directly via the following payments: online transfer, pay-pal, proforma invoice, with the exception of payments from the Employer's Account.

How soon after payment will the services be paid and the Employer's Account be topped up?

When choosing payment via online transfer or pay-pal, the services and top-up of the Account will be automatically approved once the payment is made. However, when paying with a proforma invoice, your transfer must be credited to our account. If you want to receive a faster top-up, please send us a bank transfer confirmation to [email protected]

What can I use my account top-up for?

With funds accumulated on your account you will be able pay for all services available from the Employer's Panel.

Do the funds accumulated on the account expire?

The funds accumulated on the account are available indefinitely.

Can you top-up only in packages?

Using the payment system available from the Employer Panel, you can only top-up your account with defined package. However, if you need to increase your top-up, we can prepare an individual offer for you. Write to us at: [email protected]

Where can I download an invoice for the purchase of services?

If you bought points from the Employer Panel, you can download the invoice on the Payment history page (the Payment history tab can be found in the menu on the left in the Employer Panel).

Why am I charged with VAT tax?

Probably the European VAT / NIP number given in the registration process is incorrect. Make sure that this number is correct. If all the details are valid and the problem still occurs, contact us: [email protected]"

Advertisements promoting

What types of promoting the advertisement are available?

You can promote tour ad on the Home Page of the service, on the offer list, on Facebook or in the e-mail marketing campaign. All available types of promoting your add you can find here: Offer

Can I promote two different advertisements on the Home Page in one week?

You can promote only one advertisement on the Main Page a week.

How to set promoted advertisements?

To use the promotion of the offer from the list of your active offers, select the job offer to be promoted and click the Promote button with the megaphone icon. You will then be directed to a page with a selection of promotion options.

Can I start promoting my advertisement when it was published earlier?

Yes, you can start promoting your advertisement which has been already published earlier. Just choose the ad from the list and click the Promote button with an icon of loudspeaker.

Suggested Candidates

What is this service about?

We automatically match candidates best matching the criteria of your job offer to the offer you added. In the details of your advertisement you will find a list of profiles of candidates proposed by Each profile contains the most important information about them (the date of the last one applied for a job offer, information on attached documents, age, information on contact details, knowledge of foreign languages, driving license, second occupation). Access to the candidate's contact details and files attached by him is payable. Just click and accept the payment to view them. The cost of purchasing the data is given in the candidate's profile.

Based on what is the price of the access to candidate's personal details established? // how do you establish the price of the access to candidate's personal data

It is based on the amount of given details and the date of his last activity on our portal.

When does the access to bought out candidates expires?

No time limit

What kind of details will I receive after buying them out?

The access to Candidate's contact data and files attached by him.

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Reach us on the e-mail address: [email protected]