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What do temporary workers expect?


To encourage a potential employee to choose a job offer, attractive remuneration and a guarantee of honest employment are not enough. Our countrymen travelling abroad have higher and higher expectations towards their employers. What employee benefits will have to be provided by employment agencies to attract candidates?

Free accommodation

Providing accomodation at temporary work is already standard. And that is why, unfortunately, frequently offered housing conditions are inadequate to the required fee … Multiperson houses, lack of equipment or long distance to work are certainly not encouraging. Temporary workers traveling abroad want to primarily earn and save on their lives in Poland. Unfortunately, the money earned is often lost – paying exorbitant prices for sometimes disastrous conditions in employee hotels or looking for a flat on one’s own account.
Even modest, but free accommodation is definitely a plus for the agency and will probably encourage candidates to leave and motivate them to work – they will keep almost whole salary!

Free transport

Free accommodation is offered by more and more agencies, but free transport is still in the dream zone of many people looking for a job abroad. Free transport for short seasonal jobs is particularly desirable – unfortunately, if the employer does not provide it, then the costs of a long journey abroad can be even higher than the potential earnings!

A warm meal at work

At temporary work, the workplace is not conducive to preparing or heating meals. Big production and storage halls, construction site, or cultivated field are definitely not equipped with kitchens and dining rooms. Hence the more frequent voices of employees about providing a warm meal at work – quite rightly!

Other requirements

In addition to free accommodation, transport and meals, candidates also pay attention to companies that offer: additional health insurance, courses and training to improve qualifications, allowances and discretionary bonuses.
All the requirements of jobseekers are aimed at one thing – to minimize expenses related to working abroad in order to earn as much as possible. With the current “employee market”, companies that will be able to provide the above benefits will definitely stand out from the competition.