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Modern recruitment methods – Where to find an employee?


Dynamic development of technology, changing political situation in Europe and a long-lasting employee market … It all makes traditional ways of getting new candidates to work become less and less effective. In order to maintain or increase the level of employment (especially in employment agencies), HR departments should adapt to new realities of the labour market and start implementing modern recruitment methods. Here are some of our suggestions!


Facebook – company profile and thematic groups

Social media can be a powerful recruitment tool! In the end, practically everyone has an account on Facebook … and this site is the most effective when it comes to recruiting candidates for work. The most effective for today are groups that bring together people interested in a specific topic – including working abroad.

Adding your job offer to a group is now free, and the response may be really big – the largest groups have even several hundred thousand members. This method can be especially effective in mass recruitment for jobs that do not require qualifications.

However, in order for this activity on the groups to bring the expected effect, considerable commitment is required – among others, replying to private messages and comments and sometimes struggling with hate. offers an alternative! We offer posting the job offer on our fanpage. This post will be seen by an average of 20,000 people, and applications will flow directly to the employer’s account on our portal.

Modern recruitment methods? What about job fairs and industry events?

Events that are to collect employers and job seekers in one place are becoming more and more popular. Job fairs are a great opportunity not only to present your company, but also for quick recruitment! Usually, however, they take place in large cities – this, unfortunately, can exclude many people potentially interested in new employment.

An ideal solution to this problem is meeting candidates (this rule generally works very well with the current employee market) and organising job fairs in smaller towns, such as those with high unemployment rates.

Suggested candidates on

The leading idea of our website is to create a simple and effective tool that will shorten the recruitment process as much as possible. One of the functions that brings us closer to this goal is the functionality called “Suggested Candidates”.

Immediately after adding the advert on our portal, the profiles of the proposed candidates appear on the employer’s account – adjusted to the requirements specified in the offer.

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