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A list of things to take if you go to work abroad!


Sometimes, traveling abroad is associated with even a few months absence from home. Packing up for a week’s vacation can be problematic, let alone for such a long period of time! What to take with you? The easiest way to answer – only what you need. But do you know what is necessary abroad? See for yourself!


How will you travel?

At the beginning you need to determine the transport. If you drive your own car, you have much more space and you can take more things. Unfortunately, transport by bus or plane will limit you a little, but nothing is lost! All you need is a good organization, a few tricks to pack and everything should fit – for example, shirts can be rolled up, which take up much less space! Such guides can be found, for example on YouTube. So if you know what you will be traveling with, you can more or less determine how much you can take – just one large suitcase, or a few cartons? On this basis, you can start planning your packaging.

What will be when you get there?

The second important thing to look at is what you find at the place of destination. Before making your decision to leave, you need to find out if your future flat (or room) is equipped. You can then leave a lot of unnecessary luggage, such as: kitchen accessories, bedding, towels, or take only your favorite mug or pillow.

A lot of space can be occupied by devices and work clothes. The employer should provide them, so if you are not attached to your drill, you better leave it at home.

Articles of everyday use

Above all, cosmetics! You can take more or buy them on the site. If prices in a given country do not differ too much from those in Poland, it will not make sense to take a place in a suitcase with a few bottles of shower gel. Similarly with detergents – dishwashing liquids, washing powder take up a lot of space, it is better to buy them abroad.

And clothes?

The most space in the bag will certainly be taken by clothes. Even if you do not have a washing machine in your apartment, public laundries are popular abroad, where you can refresh your clothes for a small fee. Therefore, do not take too many clothes! Remember to adjust your wardrobe to the weather in the destination country – be sure to check the long-term weather and read about the climate in the country you are heading to.

Do not forget! – A list of things to take

When going abroad to work, many things can be left in Poland, and others can be bought locally. However, some products are necessary for long journeys. Especially medications that you buy on prescription, mobile phone and documents.

It’s a good idea to make a list of things that you take with you when packing so that you do not forget anything when packing your way back. We hope that our advice will help you organize your trip, and if you still have any ways to pack, share with us in the comments on Facebook. Print the list below and use it when packing!