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Distance international internships – how does it work? Interview with CEO of international tourism agency


Coronavirus pandemic completely changed the entire world. We had to face the new reality where the online world defeated offline. That is why it is important to find yourself in new circumstances. And this will be the topic of our conversation with Vaida Šulniūtė – CEO of an international tourism agency. For the beginning, let’s clarify what is the main field of work in your company 

Vaida Šulniūtė: We are organizing tours & experiences since 2005. We work on every continent. We offer distance internships for students at an international tourism agency.

A student can choose one or a few of these fields:

  • Management and administration
  • Customer service
  • Tourism and event organization
  • Copywriting, translation
  • IT development, website administration
  • Creative tasks

More about internship programs on 

It’s important to emphasize that all processes from recruitment to starting a job  will be provided online. You can choose a language/country and field of job. And after that you will be able to work from any corner of the world.

ej:  Recruitment process. Do you prefer online or offline recrutation? Argue your decision. 

VŠ: We developed recruitment online methods. Our colleagues work from different cities in the world. Our goal is to make them all feel a strong part of the team, to hear them. 

Hiring online is time-saving and opens opportunities to future employees all across the world. It helps us to create an international team which is very useful working in tourism.

The only small-scale obstacle I can perceive, is the lack of patience of the new generation. 

Remote recruitment – how to prepare and what should you know?

ej: How does the recruitment go during the pandemic and who do you hire mostly? 

VŠ: We are hiring sales managers in different locations. Also, we hire freelancers for different projects: copywriters, content managers, service designers,  etc.

We used pandemic time for expanding the company, creating thousands of new city tours, and developing relationships with our business partners. We have adapted our business strategy. Although working from home was not a new experience for us, we learned even better about organizing teamwork online.

Copywriter – what are his tasks?

ej: The hardest and the easiest thing about recruiting interns. 

VŠ: The easiest – students come to us already motivated and willing to learn. They choose our company of their own free will. 

The hardest – in the summertime, the students are less likely to choose internships, as well as productivity declines. 

ej: Maybe there are some myths about recruitment or maybe you know (and probably) use some tricks to interest candidates. 

VŠ: We like to be honest from the very beginning. We say what the person can expect, where we as a company struggle, what we do not tolerate in work ethics. It helps us to avoid high turnover (HR speaking).

Are you thinking about changing your job? See how to rebranch.

ej: Some advice for potential candidates.

VŠ: All the skills can be improved, the experience will come. What we really admire is people who are highly motivated and constantly willing to learn. Do not be afraid to show your curiosity! 

If you are interested in distance internship, below you can find all necessary information:

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