Free job offers abroad in the European Union – the biggest European job portal for mobile workers


While creating our portal our goal wasn’t only to become the biggest and the most recognizable job portal for working abroad in Poland. Most of all we wished to create and share a tool which will change the recruitment process for both employers and employees by making it simpler than ever. And we made it.

Though the beginning wasn’t easy, we managed to build an engaged community of users and customers. But that’s not enough. After 5 years of work, we are ready to change.
We are ready to be even better.

How it all began was created by a group of specialists with 15 years of experience in the recruitment process on the western job market. No one better than us knew the problems this field was struggling with. But also no one more than us wanted to resolve them. We didn’t care for working with available tools which often instead of easing our tasks were hindering the process. We targeted to remodel the whole approach to our job.
We believe that the recruitment process can be effortless and quick. To simplify and shorten the distance between an employer and an employee, we were ready to push the limits and change the common perspective of thinking about this process. We achieved this goal in Poland, but now it’s time to open onto mobile employees from across Europe. That’s why we started to change.
The biggest Polish job portal for working abroad turns into the biggest European job portal.

Even more changes are coming


The first step in creating a Europe-wide portal was changing its name. is easy to remember, simple and most importantly states the clear message – jobs all around Europe. It stands out and develops a distinct positioning in the mind of every person as a European job portal of the first choice.

Along with changing the name we also changed the design of our website. It’s fresh, modern and adjusted to the requirements of our users. The next step to undertake is to develop functionalities and create innovative technology serving the recruitment process – it includes modifying our offer and gradually expanding it with new services.

Why is it worth it is not just another job ads portal. It’s a complex service which provides its customers with real benefits. A person looking for a job has access to job advertisements from across Europe. Various language versions of the website and automatic job advertisement translations tackle linguistic problems, make using the service clear and understandable, and what’s most important – allow to take up work in countries never before available.
Detailed job descriptions, additional information about employers and growing knowledge base in the form of guides and articles make exploring western job market as easy as possible – both for a beginner and qualified worker.
It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an employee for your local business or you are hiring thousands of workers every month – meets your needs. Flexible and personalized offer will help you reach hundreds of candidates from different countries ready to work right away.

Finally – our promise

We will bring you closer.
As a person looking for a job – closer to the job.
As an employer – closer to your workers.
That’s what is all about – bringing you closer to your goals and a better life.