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3 recruitment mistakes – How to scare off potential employees?


For a long time, the labour market, both in Poland and abroad, has been governed by an employee. The record low unemployment, with a large number of vacancies to be filled, means that jobseekers no longer have to worry about employment. Candidates can pick over job offers, forcing recruitment departments to intensify their efforts. Unfortunately, during the so-called employee market, you can’t afford mistakes in the recruitment process. So what to avoid so as not to lose potential employees?

recruitment mistakes

Whether the candidate leaves his CV or decides to contact the company mainly depends on the job advertisement. The advertisement is a kind of showcase of the employer and is meant to attract candidates. If the job offer is uninteresting, unfortunately, the candidate probably will not even keep his eyes on it.

What not to do when writing a job offer?

First of all avoid mysterious and meaningless titles. The title of the offer is the most striking feature, so when the candidate sees only “Work in Germany”, “Quick job” and the like, he is most likely to skip such an offer. The title of the advertisement should clearly refer to the job offered and contain some interesting additional information, e.g. salary rate or location. Such a title will not only encourage candidates to click into details, but it will also make the offer easier to find on job portals.

The second major mistake in the content of ads is not providing all information about the job. An encouraging title should lead to equally encouraging content. Lack of basic information such as: type and time of work, remuneration, form of employment, location not only discourage candidates from leaving their application, but even arouse suspicion.

Drop in the ocean

You can have the most attractive and interesting advertisement in the world, but it will not bring any effects if it is invisible. On, employers add dozens, hundreds of ads a day! Fortunately, there is a way to outperform competition. not only offers a traditional graphic distinction on the list of offers, but also allows you to reach potential candidates outside the portal: an e-mail campaign and a post on a fanpage. More information on how to promote the advertisement can be found here >>

Common recruitment mistakes – No answer

When adding an advertisement to various portals, the applications are expected to appear. Candidates, who decide to leave their CV, also have their expectations – since they are interested in the offer, they count on further details. This is a critical moment in which recruiters often lose the chances of employing new employees. Delaying contact with people, who have sent their applications, can effectively deter them from the company. The more persistent will try to make contact themselves, but usually they will just another job offer. It is worth, if possible, calling new candidates right away, even with simple “thank you for the application”. It builds trust and a positive image of the company, which allows you to keep the potential employee for longer.

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