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In European Union every year millions of citizens are actively looking for a job abroad. Our service
was created to make it possible for various different group to meet in one place
- all of them interested in working in their countries and abroad.

Check what we've got for you!

If you are a Candidate or en Employer

  • thousands of job ads from 36 European countries
  • knowledge base about working in EU - tips, guides, helpful information
  • gamut of useful services when you go abroad

Besides that

  • you will send your application for work in an easy and quick way (even without a CV)
  • check your future Employer
  • sign up for our newsletter with offers of your interest

If you are an European Employer

  • you will publish your job ad easily and without employment agents
  • you will gain new applications
  • contact the Candidate directly
  • you will find employees

If you are a Service Company

  • you will reach the group of people working in Europe
  • offer them your services
  • win new clients

Why us?

We provide you with full verified and reliable information about working in Europe for
every group interested in this topic

Our portal is created by the group of experienced in working abroad practitioners who know the European job market very well. We recognized the possibilities and opportunities given by working in Europe - we experienced working in manufactures, picking the fruits, starting our own businesses in Germany and Great Britain and also working full time job in a French corporation.
We also know to the core most of the problems jobseekers have to deal with going abroad - no matter if only temporarily or casually. We realise - disregarding common access to the Internet - how hard it is to find the basic knowledge about living in different country or even harder to verify a potential employer, working conditions, insurances etc.

That's why we created a portal dedicated to you - jobseekers,
employees and employers from aboard. We remove the informational barriers and we bring you together
to make reaching such an important life decision easier.

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