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Who are we and how can we help you? We are the first multi-language platform on a European scale that connects employees and employers from all the industries. We are not just a portal with job ads. You will find here everything you need to start a new professional life and develop your business.
Our mission

We shorten the distance on the European labour market by creating innovative technologies for the recruitment service. We provide the candidates with maximum safety by offering them verified job ads and a knowledge base, while providing employers with the best qualified employees. is not another place on the web with job ads. It’s a complex service which provides its customers with real benefits.

What drives us?
Development We never stand still. Every day we are working on better ways to shorten the distance between employers and candidates.
Commitment We see the deep sense of what we do. We understand how our everyday duties affect what we achieve together. That’s why we are always full of commitment.
Comprehension We know what you come to us and we understand your needs. We can thus offer you help in achieving your goals.
Nostalgia We understand what it's like to be away from the family. We know how the longing for home can be heart-breaking. We want our efforts to remind you of the most important thing you left behind, but also of what you aspire to.
Support Even if it's your first work abroad we will help you not to feel lost. We will answer your questions, advise you and help you choose.
Our story

We are a group of specialists with over 15 years of experience in recruiting employees for Western labour markets. We wanted to create a simple and effective recruitment tool that will facilitate our daily work – after all, we knew, like anybody else, what problems the whole industry is struggling with.

We have paved the way on the Polish market, by creating the largest job portal in Poland for working abroad

We wanted to do more and better. That's how was created.

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europa-jobs-CEO As a young student, I went to the West looking for a vacation job. I was completely unprepared, with no language skills, but with a head full of dreams and a positive attitude. The reality I encountered quickly verified my approach because finding a job was not so quick... I never thought that this event would become the foundation of my professional path and give me the impulse to create a business that helps to find a job in Europe. Whoever is seeking it. CEO & founder of, Radosław Gałka
We are constantly growing thanks to the hard work of a group of people full of passion and commitment. We share with you our years of experience and we learn every day something new to improve our services.
What people say about us

„We highly recommend! They readily offer quick and thorough assistance! In addition to that they also keep us updated regarding any discounts and other promotional activities and the portal itself makes recruitment considerably easier!”

SEDULUS Sp. z o.o., President of the board

"Of course, efficiency, but also flexibility and the ability to adjust to the right situation in the right time make the company not just good, but great. However, the second essential pillar of the success are reliable employees - without them not only the success of the company but its existence couldn't be possible. And this is what I want to congratulate or. Thanks to those factors I am more than happy with our cooperation based on trust and dependability and I am sure it won't change in the future."

Hörmannshofer Fassaden Süd, Mariusz Bajorek

" is a great job portal where I found my first job abroad. Since then, I am looking for a job only here. I recommend it to everyone who wants to find a job abroad quickly!


"I found a lot of useful information about work in Germany on For a long time, I was thinking about working abroad. Then I came across and I found not only the job ads but also articles with useful information about work in Germany. It was very helpful."


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You don't have to worry about your future. will take care of it, giving you access to thousands of job ads from European employers with full information about the conditions they offer. Our extensive database of guides gives you answers to all bothering questions.

With you are closer to the job. Closer to the West. Closer to a better life.

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We shorten the recruitment process to the absolute minimum. will give you instant access to reliable employees from anywhere in Europe who will make your business grow.

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