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106 600 jobs in Europe - job ads, work abroad is a platform for people interested in the subject of work abroad - both employers and employees. The portal is created by a group of specialists who have been operating in the recruitment industry in Europe for many years.

We provide effective tools in international recruitment and, most importantly, help you find a better job. We reach people planning economic migration and employers offering employment abroad.

We provide candidates base of current jobs and work abroad. Jobseekers have access to job ads from almost all European countries. The most popular jobs are in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Scandinavia. When preparing for the trip, candidates can also use the extensive section of job guides abroad and news from the labor market. After creating an account on, you can apply for job advertisements with one click!

If you are an employer looking for an employee for a small company or you work in a large company with large needs - will respond to your recruitment needs. A flexible offer will allow you to reach hundreds of candidates from different countries. Thanks to automatic translation, offers the possibility of posting job advertisements in six language versions of the portal. We can easily manage received applications and edit published job ads. In addition, we provide registered employers with access to an extensive CV database of specialists from Central and Eastern Europe.